Wednesday, March 4, 2015

AP Concentration

My concentration is the beauty in a cats eyes. I chose to do this concentration because it would be easy to think of ideas for each project because i can easily take pictures of my cat. He always poses for the camera for some reason. these are some examples of some of the projects i will be doing. but that's not it. i will be using the photos in photoshop and altering them by putting filters on them.  i will be using many different
types of mediums on them. the first four i have done have been acrylic, oils, and spray paint. i might do a photo-transfer for one of them, but i'm not sure yet. We have lost many days of work due to weather, so we will be working hard to finish all of them on time. Everything
will still be due on may 8th. (That is also my birthday). So everybody will be celebrating my birthday... Kind of.

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