Art 3 Final Porfolio

The most successful project for me was The sloth. The theme for the project was to create something that has layers, like onions. The first thing I did for this project was to pick a good sloth picture and colorize it (That means to make the picture different colors in different sections). Then for each color you squirt colored glue into the correct color section. If I were to enhance this project, I would take more time to do it because I did this project in 3 days.

2) I overcame many obstacles in this project because I spent a lot of time on the moon because I was using spray paint and I didn't know how to create a moon with 3 bottles of spray paint. Also there was a bunny in the middle of my project.

3) These two pictures show my growth because the top picture is my skittle project from art 1 and the bottom is one of my recent projects from art 3. The technique and Application of materials really changed because I used colored glue instead of skittles. I was inspired to do the sloth because of the skittle project. As I grew in the art society, I have became more creative by using different techniques and by using the principles of art.

4) By introducing the new way of teaching and learning, we had choices in subject matter and materials. This was very effective because we could do anything we wanted to create our art work. Instead of everybody doing the same piece of art work, someone can use balloons and other people can use skittles. But there was a theme you had to go by.

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