Monday, May 19, 2014

Skull with tracing paper drawing

This is another self portrait. But getting the proportions is easier because you have a full skull behind the tracing paper. The hardest part of this project was getting the shading right. The skull behind the tracing paper was distracting. By the time I finished the project I have realized that I could have just taken out the skull paper. But now I know 


Drawing on wood with charcoal Is really hard because you can't blend the charcoal. This is my first and last time drawing on wood with charcoal. Anyway, my self portrait is a me as a baby. You had to show emotion in the picture. In the picture of the baby, it just looks like a model. The hardest part of this project was drawing the eyes and proportions. The proportions on a baby is different than a full grown adult. Also I'm terrible at drawing eyes so that was the hardest part. 

Skeleton drawing

 I like drawing skeletons. Ever since art 1, the teacher has tought me how to draw the toughest part of the skeleton. The ribcage is the hardest part of the Skelton to draw. But now I have mastered that obstacle and developed a new one. My new obstacle is to draw in proportion. In the picture below, it's a drawing of the legs and parts of the hip bone. The point of this project was to draw the whole skeleton, not part of it. 

Gesture Drawing iPad

These are gesture drawings again, but on the iPad. It's a lot harder to draw on the iPad because it is a different texture than paper. Also you don't have a fine tip at the edge of a pencil. 

Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing is like drawing stick figures, but more advanced. The first thing you do is draw a line. That line is called the line of action. The line of action is a line where your eye takes you. In the top left of the drawing, the line of action is from the right foot, all the way to the left hand. Again the proportions are another key to drawing