Friday, February 17, 2012

Skittle Art

 There is really nothing to post because the skittle project is a work in progress.
This is how i am doing my skittle project. Each little Square, is one skittle. This project is going to have a lot of skittles.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sisters Light art

This is from another Art class, but this is a picture of my sister. she is doing the light art. i thought that is pretty cool

Shadow art

Here are some pictures of shadow art. didn't really feel like writing about every single one. So enjoy looking at the photos. :).......
NOW I feel like writing something about these pictures. Not a lot but a least a sentence or two. Any way  in these pictures we are making shadows. We made a scene were a building is on fire and the fireman is going up the ladder to go put out a fire.we used card board a cup to hold up the cardboard. I have no idea what the ladder was made out of. It took us a couple of minutes to put his together

Value Portraits

 This is the Value Portraits project. I had to draw J.J(Jacob) using shading. the shadows on his face is where I have to shade. This is not my finished product, i am in the process of drawing him
This is my finished product of J.J (Jacob). I thought it came out pretty good.I thought that I was in the middle of being afraid of the dark and not being Afraid of the dark.

Masking tape murals

 I am having fun in art 1. We are learning about shading. Also we are about to test out Masking Tape Murals


 This is my wonderful group for the Masking Tape Murals. We are brainstorming on what we should do for the project
 The Begging of the masking tape murals. we had a hard time doing the masking tape murals because we didn't have enough tape for everyone, but it actually turned out OK.

 Almost done with the masking tape murals.

The Finished product of the masking tape murals. it actually turned out pretty good. You can find this on the first floor of B building next to Mrs.muses room