Wednesday, December 18, 2013


<---------- Tilt your head right

Onion's have LAYERS

For this project we had to incorporate layers and emotion. even though you don't see any emotion in these pictures, there's a back story to this sloth. For some time now my parents have always called me a sloth because I was slow. This was as a joke (not to make fun of me). Now I actually like sloths, they are really cute. Before I die, I want to hold a sloth.Any way this sloth is made of paint and glue mixed together. I printed out a picture of a sloth and photoshopped it to make it the colors I wanted.and yup thats the sloth...

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Time as an Element

For this project I did Hibernation. The first pictures on the canvas is a cart filled with food ( For hibernation ). The middle picture is a teddy bear sleeping because he is hibernating. The last picture at the bottom is an empty cart because the bear ate all the food. how I did this was i did a photo transfer to get the pictures where I wanted them, then I Painted over them to make it look like its just paint. Then I just painted the background because it was just boring and so I just added color.