Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monster Art

This is the Begging of the monster clay art. I think I have finished it but if I did Mr. Sands didn't take a picture of it yet. In this picture it looks like I am just starting the monster.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Finished skittle art

 This is the finished version of my skittle art. I worked on this at home so there are no photos of me working on them. This took all day to do. my mom helped me with it because she just wanted to. Instead of using regular glue I used a hot glue gun. first I lined up the skittles, then I put a line of hot glue on the board. then I quickly put the skittle on it because hot glue drys fast.
 This is in the Apex high school library. so if you want to stop by to see these wonderful skittle art, you should do so. That sucks if you live in another country or state because you are going to have to travel a long time to just go see the skittle art.
 This is a closer view of the skittle art. nothing really to say anymore.!!!!!!!!!!!!!