Drawing Final Portfolio

     1)     My Most successful drawing project is The Alpaca. I chose to draw and alpaca because I was wearing alpaca socks that day and I remembered that I had taken a picture of an alpaca when I went zip lining in Virginia. The blue bars you see in the picture is the fence that holds the alpacas back. For me the blue fence moves my eye in the direction it's going. The focal point is the eye because it's the darkest piece, then to the fence. The hardest part of the drawing was the hairs and how to get them to really show. I overcame that obstacle when I drew the dark parts around the hair pieces to get the hair to really pop. The Size of my reference picture is the same size as the drawn picture. I drew a grid to help me get the proportions right, not knowing that mrs Rossi doesnt like griding. But other than that, this is my most successful piece. 

2)     My least successful drawing project was the transparency project. I really hate this project because I initially started of with a different picture. I had a leaf  next to water. As soon as I started to draw the leaf, I knew that this was going to be hard. I got so frustrated that I just drew a bottle. If I were to change anything I would definitely try harder on my first attempt. The medium I was using for this project was prisma colors. That was my first time actually doing a whole project using it. I would want more practice with using the prisma colors.

3) The two pieces of art that show my growth throughout the class period is my alpaca piece and my most recent drawings, the scratch board. But how does this show my growth. Well the first project i have ever done was the alpaca. when i first started it, i didnt really know how to draw the fur well. once i had more practice, i got better and perfected the fur. well i guess you can say that. the material i used for the alpaca was normal graphite ranging from 6B to HB. I also used prisma colored pencils. the material i used for the cat was these sharp objects that was used to scratch off the black part. i forgot what they were called so im just going with sharp objects.

4) the two mini lessons that i felt were beneficial in my learning were these two shading lessons. These two mini lessons helped me a lot by showing how to shade correctly and how to use the correct lighting in the correct place. Although they are not finished, i would have liked to finished them because they were looking so good. I dont think i needed more instruction to have success, i think i just needed more time on the lesson.

5) My favorite medium to work with is probably charcoal. as you can see in the pictures below, i am very good at showing the lights and darks on the skeleton. and by using charcoal. my art one teacher (AKA Mr Sands) always said to us, "Never be afraid of the dark". And i took that very seriously. and it helped a lot on improving my art work.


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