Thursday, May 21, 2015

AP Reflection

AP Reflection

AP started in the beginning of senior year semester one and ended in the final days of semester two. I have survived the whole year doing nothing but art. Actually Semester one I didn't really do anything because i had no motivation to do any work. there were times when i didn't want to do art anymore and didn't want to continue to AP. Throughout my art years I had two different types of art teachers. One of them being fun and goofy and the other being hard working and always wanting to get work done. I always wanted to be with the fun and goofy teacher but he didn't teach art 4 and AP. So i got stuck with the hard working teacher. I wasn't really the one to work hard in an art class. i liked to procrastinate a lot in an art class and not really put in any effort into my projects. This whole year was completely different, well i started to work more harder in the AP class rather than art 4. the first few weeks i actually completed the first 2 art pieces, but then we started to have no school due to snow. i started to get lazy because we had so many days off. But i still completed all of my pieces because i really liked my concentration and painting them. i was always the one behind in finishing projects but this time i was actually ahead on finishing them. Mrs Rossi made class fun and entertaining and i really enjoyed having her. If Mr Sands was the AP teacher i dont actually think i would have gotten all my projects done. So Thank you Mrs Rossi 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Willow #7

I will actually be using prisma colors for this one and not acrylic. Wow that's a shocker. Once I finish this one there will be more to say. Also I will finish this one because I really want to know how this one is going to turn out 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Willow #6

I really don't have anything to say anymore except for it don't have a picture for this because it's at the Halle. I just feel like I'm being repetitive because I'm doing the same thing. Drawing a cat and using acrylic. That's why for project seven I will be trying prisma colors. 

Willow #5

I really like the colors in this one, I don't know why I just do. I did this one in acrylic
Again.I'm getting tired of doing acrylic so I'm probably going to start prisma colors. Even though I'm not good at prisma colors I still have to practice. This is one of four Peices that went into the Halle.  

Willow #4

I though about entering this picture into a cat magazine contest because it just looks like it would go good into a magazine. Anyway this time I chose to do spray paint for a change. It would have been a good idea if we had the correct colors before starting this projects but that didn't happen. It's not really done. I'm still trying to find a good chance to go to the store and buy some spray paint. I only did two colors, and it still looks pretty cool. But it would look even better if I finish it 

Willow #3

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Willow #2

Willow number two is in school but i haven't taken a picture of it yet. I did the same thing as willow number one. i used acrylic paint and used photoshop to edit the picture. all of these pictures i have taken of my cat have been HD. i am not using like a professional camera or anything. all i am using it my iphone. it is kind of crazy how high def it is. for one of my pictures you can see every little hair on his nose and which direction it is going. My cat was outside for this. outside makes his pupils smaller because of the light. you can see in the picture that he was on a pink leash. what i like about this piece is that it had many different variations of colors, especially green.  

Willow #1

        As of right now, Willow number one is at the halle. so there will be no picture. I do have the original picture. for this i edited the picture in photoshop. i used a filter called cutout. it made the picture into different shapes. the best thing about doing this project is that it is fun taking pictures of him. i always find him in different positions that a cat shouldn't make. Willow is a ragdoll cat so that is why he that flexible. in this picture he is slouched over which is really weird. the reason why i am doing my cat for my concentration is because i think it is easy to draw animals and there are many different ways you can take a picture of them. many different angles you can take pictures.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

AP Concentration

My concentration is the beauty in a cats eyes. I chose to do this concentration because it would be easy to think of ideas for each project because i can easily take pictures of my cat. He always poses for the camera for some reason. these are some examples of some of the projects i will be doing. but that's not it. i will be using the photos in photoshop and altering them by putting filters on them.  i will be using many different
types of mediums on them. the first four i have done have been acrylic, oils, and spray paint. i might do a photo-transfer for one of them, but i'm not sure yet. We have lost many days of work due to weather, so we will be working hard to finish all of them on time. Everything
will still be due on may 8th. (That is also my birthday). So everybody will be celebrating my birthday... Kind of.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Choice-Camaro Water Color

Animal portrait

For this one I took a normal picture of my dog and then transferred it into Photoshop. Then I used my photoshop skills to edit my dogs face into shapes. From there it's really easy. On a canvas I drew the outlines of the picture. Then I painted it. It took me 1 hour to do this. But then I debated on putting a background on it. I thought it would look wierd if there was a background so I just kept it the way it was. I hope I'm the futer I can do more peices like this 

Choice- Skeleton

I like doing charcoal pieces because they all ways turn out good. And I guess  good at it. Any way the first time I used charcoal is when I was drawing a skeleton. So why not do another skeleton for my choice. Bones are pretty easy to draw because all you have to do is shade in the dark spots. Again I was rushed during these projects so it is as good. The head could have been better at shading because you can see the pencil marks.   


This piece is done with acrylic paints. I haven't really worked with acrylics a lot but for it being the first time I thought it came out pretty well. Of course It would have been better if I actually worked in it instead of rushing to get it done. When you paint a landscape, you are supposed to paint everything in the background first . I made the mistake of painting the water last, so it looks like the water just gets cut off by the trees 

Project 5 Self portrait

I am not very experienced with prisma pencils but I have to keep trying in order to get good. I think the best part about this piece is the shirt. It was actually hard to blend the white and black without seeing the strokes of the black pencil. This project could have been better if I actually used my time wisely.