Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guess What Happens Next

I made this in photoshop. I think this is funny because of the cats reaction when the girl is about to kick the ball.
This was really easy to make and it was fun!!!! Guess what happens next!!!!!



This is my bowl that I made in art. I really didnt like this project because I didnt have any ideas on what i should do for the bowl... so I just did random stuff on the bowl. And it came out REALLY SHINEY!!

Make Art Stencil

 After making my panda stencil art, I decided to make a stencil of Make Art... So I did!!!!!!!

I used many different colors for this. I sprayed this on Mr. Sands door. A week later Mr. Sands repainted the door and now its gone :(.

Final product of the Stencil art

This is my final product for the Stencil art. It was actually kind of easy to make. Also instead of the black and white colors you can make all kind of colors. you can make a green panda if you want. The texture of my stencil wasnt even supposed to be there but when I was spray painting my Stencil it decided to rain. It actually gave it a nice texture.

Making Stencil Art

This is from a long time ago, but I forgot to post it up here. Anyway this is the stencil art. How you make stencil are is you take a picture put it into photoshop and make the picture black and white. Then you print out the picture and project it onto a flat surface where you can trace the picture. After you trace the picture then you can cut out the black and leave no white islands or you can do the opposite, cut out the white and leave no black islands. after all of the then you will have to make a frame for the stencil. The final step of making the stencil art is to spray paint the areas that you cut out. Now you are done.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This is the making of the Pastels. There was stuff on the table then we would have to draw the bottles and other stuff that on the table, with pastels.  
After making my Pastel art... I tried something new. I took the graffiti art layout and decided to use pastels on it. It actually turned out really good. It was hard to get into the little places, but it turned out good.

This is my finished product of the pastel art. This was all free hand and it actually turned out really good. I think this is the second best thing that we have done in art 1.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This is my Rhino Zebra I made in photoshop for Art 1. The first day I tried to do this I failed. But the second day that I tried the Rhino Zebra... I did really good. It actually looks like a Rhino Zebra

This is the Frog Tounge. It was kind of easy to make this in photoshop. I just took a frog and then placed it near her tounge. Then I used the clone tool to make the frog look like the part of the tounge.