Monday, January 19, 2015

Choice-Camaro Water Color

Animal portrait

For this one I took a normal picture of my dog and then transferred it into Photoshop. Then I used my photoshop skills to edit my dogs face into shapes. From there it's really easy. On a canvas I drew the outlines of the picture. Then I painted it. It took me 1 hour to do this. But then I debated on putting a background on it. I thought it would look wierd if there was a background so I just kept it the way it was. I hope I'm the futer I can do more peices like this 

Choice- Skeleton

I like doing charcoal pieces because they all ways turn out good. And I guess  good at it. Any way the first time I used charcoal is when I was drawing a skeleton. So why not do another skeleton for my choice. Bones are pretty easy to draw because all you have to do is shade in the dark spots. Again I was rushed during these projects so it is as good. The head could have been better at shading because you can see the pencil marks.   


This piece is done with acrylic paints. I haven't really worked with acrylics a lot but for it being the first time I thought it came out pretty well. Of course It would have been better if I actually worked in it instead of rushing to get it done. When you paint a landscape, you are supposed to paint everything in the background first . I made the mistake of painting the water last, so it looks like the water just gets cut off by the trees 

Project 5 Self portrait

I am not very experienced with prisma pencils but I have to keep trying in order to get good. I think the best part about this piece is the shirt. It was actually hard to blend the white and black without seeing the strokes of the black pencil. This project could have been better if I actually used my time wisely.