Thursday, June 5, 2014

Scratch board

For this project, we had to get a picture that we took and made sure It had movement. The movement in my peice is the hair on the cat. The hair shows how the fur flows and directs your eye. The hardest part about this project was the nose. The nose was the hardest because I didn't know how to show that It was a nose. But when I started to just at dots to the nose, it started to look more like it. 

Figure drawing blog

For this project, we had to pick a partner and draw them. You had to draw a LIFE size drawing of them. So I picked the best partner you can ever be with! And that's Ciara Delgado. Any way the medium I chose for this project was charcoal. I have recently used charcoal in my self portrait that was on wood. I notice that when you try and blend the charcoal in on the wood, it doesn't really blend at all. But it blends better on regular paper. The hardest part for me for this project was to get the correct proportions on the body. Also the face. I didn't do the face was because I didn't want to mess it up. If I had draw in her face it would looked worse. The best part about this project was drawing her legs and the shoe. I think I really did good on that part