Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Perspective. This is not a llama

The perspective drawing. This is not a llama!! It's an alpaca. I chose to draw and alpaca because I was wearing alpaca socks that day and I remembered that I had taken a picture of an alpaca when I went zip lining in Virginia. Another reason why I drew this was because I like to draw animals. The blue bars you see in the picture is the fence that holds the alpacas back. For me the blue fence moves my eye in the direction it's going. The focal point is the eye because it's the darkest piece, then to the fence. The hardest part of the drawing was the hairs and how to get them to really show. I overcame that obstacle when I drew the dark parts around the hair pieces to get the hair to really pop. 

Pastels and prisma color

This picture is the pastel drawing. We picked a piece of candy from the bag and draw them. In order to get the wrapper texture, you would have to draw the lights you see in the wrapper instead of the darks.
This is the prisma color candy. Prisma color is like a colored pencil but more expensive and more artsy. Drawing the wrapper of the candy is easy because all you have to draw is the lights and not the darks.