Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Steam Punk Cat- ( IN PROGRESS)

For this project you had to take and original picture and turn it into a machine. This will be done with charcoal because I like using it and I seem to be good at it. 


Drawing ribbons are easy. You just have to draw the highlights and the drawing will come together. Drawing one was just painful. The picture we had to draw from was a bunch of ribbons. I chose to do one because I knew it would take a long time to all of the Ribbons. When I first started this project I started on the left. You can see this part of the ribbon is shaded different. That's because I didn't really know how to color in a ribbon. But then when a practiced, I got the hang of it. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Alligator or Crocodile

This is by far my best one yet because it got done on time and it actually looks like the animal. This is the free choice project. I think I really captured the alligator/crocodile under the water. I think that I should do more charcoal because I seem to be good at it. I didn't really have any challenging moments. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Objects and cars

My uncle lives in the mountains and he owns a camaro. It was a little hard to do this because the shadow and pavement are black and it was hard to get the right color for the pavement. Also it looks a little weird because the tires look like they are apart of the shadow.  
Project #3. The reason why I did a camaro is because that is my favorite car. And because my uncle has a camaro in California

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This apple is done with oil paints and a scalpel knife. This is the first time using oil paints. Also the first time using the scalpel knife. When using the scalpel knife, it leaves a layer of paint protruding from the canvas. We'll at least for me
This is also oil paints. But used with a brush instead of scalpel knife. This one I actually completed it. I included a shadow and highlights in the apple 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Prisma blog

the first project of art 4. this piece that i did was of Italian buildings and the reflection of the buildings in the water. this was my first time with prisma colors and i didn't  really like them. maybe that's why it looks bad. any way the idea of it was to have a reflection somewhere incorporated in the drawing. what inspired me to do Italian buildings was my great grandma. she was born in italy, that makes me Italian. and the drawings that we do, have to have something meaning.    

Art Statement

what most inspires me to do art is animals. i want to learn more techniques and improve my drawing.

 being able to draw scenery and all that stuff. i hope to learn more art this semester as well. i like

getting ideas from other people around me and how they come up with new things. that also inspires

me too. another inspiration is my great grandma. she loved to draw. she drew all the time in america

and in italy (Because she was from italy). she loved art and she has plenty of it hanging around all of

my families houses. we have a couple of hers. she did it with mainly in oils.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Scratch board

For this project, we had to get a picture that we took and made sure It had movement. The movement in my peice is the hair on the cat. The hair shows how the fur flows and directs your eye. The hardest part about this project was the nose. The nose was the hardest because I didn't know how to show that It was a nose. But when I started to just at dots to the nose, it started to look more like it. 

Figure drawing blog

For this project, we had to pick a partner and draw them. You had to draw a LIFE size drawing of them. So I picked the best partner you can ever be with! And that's Ciara Delgado. Any way the medium I chose for this project was charcoal. I have recently used charcoal in my self portrait that was on wood. I notice that when you try and blend the charcoal in on the wood, it doesn't really blend at all. But it blends better on regular paper. The hardest part for me for this project was to get the correct proportions on the body. Also the face. I didn't do the face was because I didn't want to mess it up. If I had draw in her face it would looked worse. The best part about this project was drawing her legs and the shoe. I think I really did good on that part

Monday, May 19, 2014

Skull with tracing paper drawing

This is another self portrait. But getting the proportions is easier because you have a full skull behind the tracing paper. The hardest part of this project was getting the shading right. The skull behind the tracing paper was distracting. By the time I finished the project I have realized that I could have just taken out the skull paper. But now I know 


Drawing on wood with charcoal Is really hard because you can't blend the charcoal. This is my first and last time drawing on wood with charcoal. Anyway, my self portrait is a me as a baby. You had to show emotion in the picture. In the picture of the baby, it just looks like a model. The hardest part of this project was drawing the eyes and proportions. The proportions on a baby is different than a full grown adult. Also I'm terrible at drawing eyes so that was the hardest part. 

Skeleton drawing

 I like drawing skeletons. Ever since art 1, the teacher has tought me how to draw the toughest part of the skeleton. The ribcage is the hardest part of the Skelton to draw. But now I have mastered that obstacle and developed a new one. My new obstacle is to draw in proportion. In the picture below, it's a drawing of the legs and parts of the hip bone. The point of this project was to draw the whole skeleton, not part of it. 

Gesture Drawing iPad

These are gesture drawings again, but on the iPad. It's a lot harder to draw on the iPad because it is a different texture than paper. Also you don't have a fine tip at the edge of a pencil. 

Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing is like drawing stick figures, but more advanced. The first thing you do is draw a line. That line is called the line of action. The line of action is a line where your eye takes you. In the top left of the drawing, the line of action is from the right foot, all the way to the left hand. Again the proportions are another key to drawing 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


This project was a woozy. My first idea was water and next to the water is a leave. I started to sketch it and it looked good, but when I started to color in the areas, it looked like a hotdog. I just got so frustrated with the project so I just gave up. I knew I should not have given up but I did. So instead I went around the house and looked for see through objects. I didn't find anything accept this bottle. The black part of the paper that's not colored in is supposed to be a seat. The seat was black and had no highlights in them so that's how I drew them. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Perspective. This is not a llama

The perspective drawing. This is not a llama!! It's an alpaca. I chose to draw and alpaca because I was wearing alpaca socks that day and I remembered that I had taken a picture of an alpaca when I went zip lining in Virginia. Another reason why I drew this was because I like to draw animals. The blue bars you see in the picture is the fence that holds the alpacas back. For me the blue fence moves my eye in the direction it's going. The focal point is the eye because it's the darkest piece, then to the fence. The hardest part of the drawing was the hairs and how to get them to really show. I overcame that obstacle when I drew the dark parts around the hair pieces to get the hair to really pop. 

Pastels and prisma color

This picture is the pastel drawing. We picked a piece of candy from the bag and draw them. In order to get the wrapper texture, you would have to draw the lights you see in the wrapper instead of the darks.
This is the prisma color candy. Prisma color is like a colored pencil but more expensive and more artsy. Drawing the wrapper of the candy is easy because all you have to draw is the lights and not the darks. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Contour line drawing

Contour is supposed to look sloppy because you can't lift your pencil. 

Bottle Drawing

Instead of drawing the darkness, we would draw the light. After we colored in the light, we would add color to the bottle